. . . . . . . Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Ponta do Ouro is a flourishing little town and pristine scuba diving destination in the southernmost part of Mozambique, with some of the best unspoilt reefs in the world. Main activities include dive tourism, art and nature, and being just 10km from the South African Kosi Bay border post it is accessible and affordable to adventure loving holiday makers from South Africa. This southern Mozambique town is definitely one to add to your places to go to list!

During the South African holiday period the town is full to capacity, but even so one can go for a quiet walk on the beach if you time it right. The camp site in Ponto do Ouro is popular and during the busiest of times even the roadsides have tents on them. The atmosphere is great and one can see the stress of everyday life melting off the holiday makers! South African Rands are accepted everywhere in this town so no currency or Forex exchange is necessary if you are visiting from South Africa.

Ponta is well known for the many and varied reefs that are suited to divers of all levels.  Quality, well-maintained equipment is available for rental from any one of the three dive resorts.